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What’s a resolut-ün? It’s a resolution you want to achieve but not make a big deal about. Especially if it’s truly meaningful and designed to make a positive impact on not only yourself, but the greater good.

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We’ve prepared a wide selection of great resolut-üns for you that are meaningful, achievable and fun. In fact, we like them so much we actually embrace them every day – they’re based on our core values.


I resolve to be a better listener.

I resolve to cultivate meaningful relationships in an unassuming way.

I resolve to respect all people, methods and points of view.

Without a hint of swagger, I resolve to take pride and ownership in my work.

I resolve to be even more open to new ideas and perspectives.

I resolve to challenge myself, my colleagues and the status quo without drawing a lot of attention to myself.

I resolve to take initiative and be proactive.

I resolve to be curious, not complacent.

I resolve to always be creative and non-self-importantly adventurous.

With zero evidence of showboating, I resolve to innovate.

I resolve to be at the forefront of my industry, without bragging about it.

I resolve to support equity, diversity and inclusion.