Welcome to Güd Marketing

Welcome to Güd Marketing
Lisa Crumley
August 25, 2014
Debbie and Lisa standing in front of Gud Marketing Logo

Since the soft launch of Güd Marketing at our annual Cinco de Mayo party, the response has been wildly enthusiastic. This has been one of the most exciting periods of our 36-year history. It was about one full year in the making, and during that incubation period we had the opportunity to crystallize our vision for the future of the business. 

How did it all start?

We both joined what was then Pace Creative in the mid- 1990s, Deb right out of college and Lisa transitioning from a career with General Motors. By that time our founder, Dennis Pace, had already established a tradition of reinventing the company to respond to changing technology, market conditions and opportunity. With hard work and commitment – and Dennis’ faith and investment in us – we were invited to become partners and began our immersion in learning all aspects of the business. In 2011, the ownership of Pace & Partners transitioned fully to us. We couldn’t introduce Güd Marketing without acknowledging and expressing our gratitude for the opportunity afforded to us by Dennis Pace and the company that became Pace & Partners. These origins instilled our standards of deep strategic involvement with our clients, creative excellence and responsiveness, which are foundational for Güd Marketing.

Why change?

As new owners, our initial thoughts were to change nothing – the business had grown and been very successful. But we are both risk- takers. And we are aware of the downside of complacency and preserving the status quo. We wanted to evolve the brand to reflect a bolder statement about the work we do best and find most rewarding – that is, work that includes a component of contributing to society in some important way: Work that contributes to a greater good.

How did you get there?

Once we were about two years into full-fledged ownership, we embarked on exactly the process that we counsel clients to undertake when they are developing a new brand or evolving an existing one. We looked inward first and solidified our goals for the future, our dreams and aspirations, and our values. We then invited the rest of our leadership team to help us build a five-year plan that included re-branding as a key strategy required for meeting our goals.

An objective third party conducted research, internally with our staff and externally with clients and vendor partners. Our planning and research team did secondary research on best practices in our industry and assessed our competitive position. We labored over a creative brief to launch the creative team. Then we waited. It was excruciating. And exhilarating.

Our team was amazing. We started with about 25 options ranging widely across the criteria we established in our brief. We considered, debated, iterated and ultimately decided. Güd Marketing was born. We soft- launched in May so that our staff, our clients, our friends and vendor partners could get comfortable with the change. 

It’s been easy. It fits us.

With this new website we begin our official launch. Look for us. Everywhere.

What’s it all about?

Güd Marketing is about a bold statement of the work we care most about – work that benefits our clients, our communities and our world. It is about marketing that matters. We have developed an expertise in marketing that reaps a social benefit, which is evident if you look through our clients and our work. It is work that we excel at and work that brings a deep sense of reward, satisfaction and pride to us, and our team. It is work we believe in. 

We like to say that our name matches our purpose: Güd Marketing | Marketing That Matters.

P.S. What about the umlaut?

Inevitably we get questions about the umlaut. We like the umlaut simply because it’s different and fun. And it reminds us that even though we are serious about our work and our purpose, we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.