TRADITION! Tradition, tradition!

TRADITION! Tradition, tradition!
Meredith Grimm
December 23, 2014
Gift basket

The holidays have always been important to Güd Marketing. From secret outings and delicious treats to creative cards and spreading holiday cheer, each activity gives an opportunity to build relationships and add to our office culture. Traditions have evolved over the years, but the “giving” theme remains – we hope to do some good for our colleagues, clients and communities this holiday season. Here’s the breakdown:

C is for Cookie…Om nom nom nom nom

Now in its fourth year running, the holiday cookie exchange has become an annual office staple (see what I did there?) where delicious treats are devoured, stories are exchanged and recipes are either traded or withheld to retain some mystery. The event is open to friends and family to bring some joy and a sugar rush to everyone, along with some appreciation for the bakers among us. This year, Joel graced us with his secret Raspberry Thumbprint recipe – a treat he only makes once a year.

Give a Little, Give a Lot

Güd Marketing has participated in the Salvation Army Adopt-A-Family Program for the past six years. Participants are paired with a Lansing-area family to provide food for a holiday meal and gifts for the children to open Christmas morning.

In previous years, the staff drove American Cancer Society patients to their treatments, donated blood and contributed to the Greater Lansing Food Bank. There’s nothing better than giving back and helping make the holidays special for someone in need.

The Secret Adventures of Güd Marketing

The holiday party began as a gathering where employees picked an item out of the Hudson’s catalog as an early Christmas present and has evolved into an office “kidnapping” of sorts. For the past few years, the owners have planned an all-day getaway for Güd Marketing staff to an undisclosed location, sometimes local and sometimes out of town.

These secret outings have ranged from cooking classes and museum tours to local eateries and scavenger hunts. One year the group took a curling class – yep, you heard that right – with the brooms and everything. Another year, the group tried their hand at glassblowing.

Whatever the event, this getaway allows the Güd Marketing team to spend some time together and build relationships, strengthening our teamwork for the better of our clients and our daily work. Also, good food and laughter are guaranteed.

Printed Personalities

The Güd Marketing holiday card has been an office tradition for many years, starting as a Christmas card and moving to the New Year. It’s an opportunity to thank our clients, vendors, friends and families for their partnerships and support during the past year, and to show off our imaginative side. As each do-Güder has his/her own personality, so does each year’s card. When Pace was our name, we had several Pace-themed cards – posing with an AMC Pacer and last year’s Paceonalities theme, where we took the Myers-Briggs personality test and broke down our office work dynamics. One year we had a bagel theme, highlighting the dispositions of each employee with a fun, creative and delicious concept.

For 2015, we wanted to do something a little different. This year’s will be a little more hi-tech and interactive, but you’ll just have to wait until January to find out what that means.


“Giving” is on the brain for many people this time of year. We feel it is important to create rituals that give back to the community and take time to appreciate all of the little things in life, like cookies and friendship.

We hope this blog post gives you a little insight into our agency and our office personality. We’re a lively, creative and warm-hearted bunch of people who love what we do and have a little fun along the way. 

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?