Making Something Good out of Something Bad

Making Something Good out of Something Bad
Kate Stanton
November 18, 2014
Touching souls, blessing lives, providing hope

Three years ago, two of my close friends and I started the Touching Souls Foundation. Our mission was, and is, to help families that have experienced unexpected loss of a loved one. This came to us after I lost my 17-year-old daughter in an accident five years ago. Around the same time my family suffered this terrible tragedy, a close friend of mine also lost her husband, and our third founder had lost her father years back in an accident. My family had no insurance for my daughter and had to go back to work way sooner then we would have liked. All that we as a family truly wanted was to go away and hide for a few days, however when life continues to move forward around you, you have no choice but to move with it. Well, I guess you do have a choice…but we had two other beautiful children that we had to keep moving for. The community reached out and helped us so much, and through it all I just kept thinking that someday I would give back. 

The Vision

This unthinkable loss became the foundation for a vision of something greater - a foundation that would support those who didn’t have time to prepare, nor say goodbye. The plan for our foundation would be to help people experiencing such unexpected loss financially, in whatever capacity they needed that help. Whether it was to be able to get away or take those extra days off or pay for emergency expenses.

The Foundation is Born

This vision became a reality. And now the hope is for our foundation to grow to a level that it will take full-time staff to run it. It is a way to turn something so unbelievably devastating into something positive, and inspire others who have experienced (or been inspired by) such grief. We actively seek event volunteers, fundraiser donors and board support.  The foundation started from losses experienced by each founder, but it is so much bigger than just us now. It has become a community network of friends, family and comrades in loss. It is an attempt to honor the memory of those lost and honor their lives. It is to support those who didn’t have the chance to say goodbye. 

Unexpected Inspiration

Working at Güd Marketing has definitely been beneficial to me as far as learning new and creative ways to develop brand messages, use social media and ultimately generate more awareness for the Touching Souls Foundation. Not only have they inspired me from a marketing standpoint, but they have supported our annual fundraisers. It’s a blessing to work for an organization that takes interest in your personal endeavors and supports your interests. That culture is one which I am grateful for, daily.

I would love for everyone to go to our website and learn more about us and please pass the word. Touching Souls, Blessing Lives and Providing HOPE!