Love Is In The Ad

Love Is In The Ad
Christina Campbell
February 02, 2015
Open book with heart graphic inside

Valentine’s Day. A day to display selfless acts of love, for those you love. A holiday that brands across all industries use to entice their customers.

Every year, I marvel at the array of creative and social efforts coupled with this couples’ holiday. And, given it is nearly upon us, I have compiled a list of my favorite Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns. Campaigns that are as engaging as they are fun.

1. Dove Chocolate

It wouldn’t be a proper Valentine’s Day without chocolate. Dove ran the digital advertising campaign “Share Love” in 2012 to boost sales. Each ad gave users a series of themed recipes incorporating the company’s products. The ads ran across multiple networks and sites. It was featured inside the “Today Show” iPhone app. Dove’s campaign was a fabulous marriage of product and content by giving the user something useful without being “pitchy.”


Inspired by the Kama Sutra, IKEA ran a very proactive, very memorable, tongue-in-cheek ad in 2014. The ad ran online and in-store and featured a pair of chairs in a suggestive position. It garnered attention from many, and it wasn’t the first time IKEA had gotten risqué with its advertising. IKEA seems to be successful with seductive advertising.

3. Domino’s Pizza

Nothing says “Will You Marry Me?” like a large, double-pepperoni, pan-crust pizza pie. Domino’s UK gave customers a unique chance to pop the question with its “Domino’s Marry Me Service" campaign. Meanwhile, in Japan, Domino’s was a little less committed. Instead of prompting proposals, this market sold special heart-shaped pizza.

4. Coca-Cola

A mastermind of nostalgia, Coca-Cola ran its “Happiness Is in the Air” TV spot to reinforce its class appeal. As red balloons floated through the air, Coca-Cola brought unsuspecting couples something they could share – a can of Coke. The video won a Cannes Film Festival award, delivered the brand’s company message of happiness, and pulled at our heartstrings perfectly.

5. Capital Region International Airport

All of these examples showcase the payoff that comes with knowing your audience, inspiring action, utilizing new and unexpected mediums to carry your message and, of course, adding a little fun. Güd Marketing employs these methods to connect to our customers and achieve our clients’ goals. For example, the play on the phrase "Cloud Nine" in this social media graphic for the Capital Region International Airport will not only connect to customers for the Valentine's Day holiday, but also emphasize the ease of travel and the pleasurable experience for travelers who fly Lansing.

Tell us, do these examples of Valentine’s advertising engage you as a customer or change your sentiment toward these brands?