How to Get a Good (or Güd) Internship

How to Get a Good (or Güd) Internship
Lauren Cutler
September 16, 2015
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Many students search for internships in desperation. And it’s true, gaining an internship is extremely important for future success. But, while it seems like a battle for the internship to choose you, it is important that you choose the internship also. And that means giving yourself plenty of options, and that means absolutely working your tail off networking, applying and grabbing coffee with scary professionals. Yes, while you’re taking classes and managing work and a social life. Don’t worry; it’ll all pay off.

As you begin your quest for an internship, you will be very nervous. As an intern at an outstanding company, Güd Marketing, here are some of my pointers for fellow students as they embark on the journey.

Get connected. You’ll need to learn when career fairs are coming to the university and which companies will be there. Then, if you want to impress, you should research each of these companies (sometimes 20+) and learn something about them that you can discuss with their ambassadors. After all, who wants to hire someone who doesn’t know anything about their company? Also, come prepared with a pitch. This is how you will introduce yourself and give them something to remember about you. Stand out!

Another great way to stand out is by wearing your Pabst Blue Ribbon T-shirt and sweatpants to a career fair. Standing out in this way will not land you an internship.

Prepare the night before with freshly pressed business professional attire.

P.S. Wear antiperspirant. You will get nervous and sweat.

In addition to career fairs, another tremendous way to get connected is to explore the professional social network LinkedIn. Without a LinkedIn profile, you are nearly nonexistent in the world of professionals. LinkedIn serves as the perfect way to connect with professionals in your field, fellow students and potential employers. In fact, more than 9 in 10 companies hire new employees using LinkedIn. You may be one connection away from the job of your dreams.

Follow up. After you hopefully make a great impression, it is vital that you write a thank-you to those you met with while networking. It takes only a moment of your time to send an email – or better yet, a handwritten note – and it makes a lasting impression. Not following up seems careless and shows poor character. It could be the difference in landing the internship! Remember to snag a card from the ambassador you talked with and possibly acquire the name of the individual in charge of hiring. This way, you can address your email to an actual person instead of “to whom it may concern,” which seems impersonal. Not only are you being courteous for thanking them for their time, but you are also positioning yourself for a possible “come in for an interview” response.

Get hired. Congrats! If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve landed an interview, or hopefully several. Here is where the “plenty of options” part can be very reassuring. Not every interview is going to go the way you want it to. But now, while you’re a student, is a great time to get as much interview experience as you can. After a couple of rounds, you will learn what is typically asked and how to come back with an expert response. It also doesn’t hurt to study for an interview. Many blogs just like this one provide insight on interviewing and common questions asked.

Of all the interview advice you may find on the World Wide Web, the most important tips are to be honest and be yourself (also spit out your gum and maintain eye contact.)

Be yourself. Not being yourself in an interview wastes an employer’s time and your time. If you are hired based on a quality you pretended to possess in an interview, you may find your internship to be less than you had hoped because you were hired for the wrong reasons. In addition, you may also find that you could land an internship you don't want using a skill set you are not interested in. Stay true.

Accept an offer. Again, if things go swimmingly, you will have received an offer for an internship and perhaps, again, a couple of different ones to choose from. Both of these scenarios are enviable situations for the students who didn’t work as hard as you did to get to this point. Not only do you have an opportunity to advance your career and gain experience, but you may get to decide between a couple of great companies. It is important to balance your decision with the internship where you believe you will learn the most with where you feel you fit in the best. If you decide correctly, your time at your internship could be more valuable than any college course you could enroll in and you will gain lasting relationships with professionals who have connections in your field.

After the hours spent searching for an internship, there is no better feeling than knowing you made the right decision and that you will be advancing yourself in your career. The recipe for success is not easily mastered, but hard work will produce a fine dish of achievements.   

Güd opportunities. LinkedIn’s Student Jobs 101 provides an easy way to search for internships and entry-level jobs for students as well as tips for landing jobs.

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