The bar has been raised for delivery of big news

The bar has been raised for delivery of big news
Christina Campbell
September 02, 2014
Rotary phone and old style camera

Disclaimer: For maximum impact, please read this blog in its entirety.

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. YouTube. Vine. Pinterest. You have probably heard of them all, and you are probably one of the nearly 2 billion social network users worldwide. There is no way around the fact that social media has changed the way we interact. Some would call it disastrous. Some would call it amazing. I believe the truth falls somewhere in the middle. There are many benefits to social media, yet there are legitimate concerns regarding the way it has changed our interactions. But, one of my favorite aspects of the social trend is that it’s become a venue to creatively and visually share big news. 

Big Brands Pave the Way

What began as something very personal has now even penetrated the professional realm. It occurs to me that people have taken a cue from brands who have utilized social media for big announcements as well as a means to showcase their creativity. Take, for example, Oscar de la Renta making Instagram the equivalent of front row at fashion week by exclusively premiering its Fall 2013 line via it’s @oscarprgirl account

Or the fact that last year’s Sundance Festival saw the premiere of the first short (four-minute) film made entirely of Vines. Thanks to social, gone are the days of businesses solely issuing a press release to launch their new campaign or a newly engaged couple’s parents making an announcement in the local newspaper. 

I’ve Boarded the Bandwagon, Have You?

In this day and age of everything viral the news of getting down on one knee, saying “I do” or announcing that you’re expecting are an elaborate, inspired and social affair and I have to admit . . . I’m a total sucker for it. It’s probably my affiliation with the marketing industry that creates my affinity because I love and appreciate the originality and ability to market one’s self. I love the personality. I love looking at beautifully designed graphics. I’m 100% in the camp of, “Your baby / engagement / first home is a big deal, so if you want to tell your family and closest friends in an imaginative way then go for it!” If Oreo can creatively celebrate it’s centennial over Facebook, then I say you sure as heck can design something clever to celebrate the fact that you’re birthing a new life. Creative announcements don’t always need to be a party or event, but some people are just more sentimental than others. I am definitely one of them. That said, I know many who see things like proposals and gender reveals on their social feed and:

  • Roll their eyes internally and smile thinking “Hmm. I’d have rather heard directly.”
  • Think “Not EVERY life moment needs an elaborate announcement”
  • Say “Shoot me, nobody cares.” 

Each is entitled to their opinion. And as a brand should anticipate negative responses, so should an individual. Can’t please everyone. And if you happen to fall into that “non-enthusiast” category, you’ve probably stopped reading by now. But hang with me a moment longer. 

One Caveat

While I do love how social media allows us to share life’s big announcements like engagements, marriage and pregnancy, all quickly, inexpensively and thoughtfully, I absolutely endorse telling – face-to-face or by phone – those closest to you. So don’t pull a Netflix – leaving your investors in the dark on corporate sales. 

Best for Last

I’ll get off of my soapbox now and reveal to you some of my favorite, visually-driven, personal announcements on social media. Please note, there’s a trend and I saved the best for last. 

Baby Announcement #1: Lovely design – the color, the typography, the creativity.

Baby Announcement #2: Subtle yet clever and, let’s be honest, absolutely delightful.

Baby Announcement #3: Who saw it coming?