The Balance of the Art and Science of Rebranding

The Balance of the Art and Science of Rebranding
Joel Newport
October 14, 2014
Gud Marketing logo sculpture

Whenever a company goes through a rebranding effort, there are many strategic steps that help determine the direction that should be taken. Then again, sometimes there is just an artful expression of your brand – not rooted in a specific strategy, but created purely from inspiration. That was the origin of the Güd Marketing logo, designed and built by Dace Koenigsknecht, a Lansing-based artist whose work can be seen at Potter Park Zoo, Scrapfest, Old Town businesses and more. Dace was the perfect artist to launch what will be a series of artist renditions of our logo.

“I’ve created a wide array of functional and artistic metal pieces,” says Dace, “finding pleasure in the process of creation – plan, sketch, fabricate, and deliver. The intellectual exercise and challenge is motivating, and the craftsmanship of handwork is very rewarding. I enjoy creating unique objects that are used or encourage interaction. I like abstraction because of the mental engagement required of the viewer. Their past and present experiences will ‘personalize’ what they see.”

His ability to think abstractly was exactly what was needed to bring our vision to life: to create our logo as a perspective sculpture out of metal. Dace delivered in spades, creating a piece of abstract art that when viewed is beautiful at any angle, but only reveals itself as the Güd Marketing logo when looked at straight on.

Phase two was filming the logo.  Güd Marketing tapped the creatives at Lansing’s Ahptic Film & Digital to shoot and edit the reveal video. The Ahptic team painstakingly shot the sculpture from every angle in every possible way to give them the most options for editing. The result was a very cool logo reveal with no digital effects or processing.

A big thank-you goes out to everyone who helped make our inaugural logo art piece.  If you are an artist, or know of one, who would like to be featured by creating the Güd logo in a unique and inspired way, drop me a line.

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