Andrea Ness
September 04, 2014
Facebook-Google hybrid

Mark Zuckerberg wants it to. During a recent earnings call, he stated that the social networking service is working hard on its search algorithm to allow users to look up much more content on Facebook in the next six months.

It’s a great idea. Here is what I’d like to see, so that individuals and businesses can get more from Facebook through smarter search:

Allow all public posts to be indexed and searchable by keyword.
With more than a trillion posts on the site,... Read more
Christina Campbell
September 02, 2014
Rotary phone and old style camera

Disclaimer: For maximum impact, please read this blog in its entirety.

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. YouTube. Vine. Pinterest. You have probably heard of them all, and you are probably one of the nearly 2 billion social network users worldwide. There is no way around the fact that social media has changed the way we interact. Some would call it disastrous. Some would call it amazing. I believe the truth falls somewhere in the middle. There are many benefits to social media... Read more

Roni Rucker Waters
August 27, 2014
Trimming print materials

I have had the privilege of working with some impressive interns during my career, so I appreciate how mutually beneficial the position can be. Here is some of what I have learned along the way:  

Search broadly. Stay in recruiting mode even when you don’t have an opening. Look beyond the unsolicited resumes that come in and job fairs. Pay attention to the career aspirations of the young adult children of friends and colleagues. Ask about the siblings, friends and roommates of... Read more
Joel Newport
August 25, 2014
Lightbulbs overflowing from a box

I was in a meeting recently when I heard the dreaded words creatives hate to hear from an executive: “We need to think outside the box on this…” The “this” he was referring to was the brand of his company. This highlights a common problem for many companies as they search for creative ways to try to communicate their story to their audience – what does “out of the box” look like? It has been my experience that companies who struggle with this have yet to actually define their box. Without... Read more

Lisa Crumley
August 25, 2014
Debbie and Lisa standing in front of Gud Marketing Logo

Since the soft launch of Güd Marketing at our annual Cinco de Mayo party, the response has been wildly enthusiastic. This has been one of the most exciting periods of our 36-year history. It was about one full year in the making, and during that incubation period we had the opportunity to crystallize our vision for the future of the business. 

How did it all start?

We both joined what was then Pace Creative in the mid- 1990s, Deb right out of college and Lisa transitioning from... Read more