Kate Stanton
November 18, 2014
Touching souls, blessing lives, providing hope

Three years ago, two of my close friends and I started the Touching Souls Foundation. Our mission was, and is, to help families that have experienced unexpected loss of a loved one. This came to us after I lost my 17-year-old daughter in an accident five years ago. Around the same time my family suffered this terrible tragedy, a close friend of mine also lost her husband, and our third founder had lost her father years back in an accident. My family had no insurance for my daughter and had... Read more

Laura Flugga
November 17, 2014
Earth graphic

On November 13, 2014, a few members of the Güd team, myself included, went to World Usability Day at MSU. On this day every year, usability is celebrated through more than one hundred events in 39 countries. If you're not in the technology industry you might be asking yourself, “What is usability?” It is a lot of things.

The single most important differentiator of digital products/apps.
  A path to innovation (case in point: iPhone was created to solve usability issues... Read more
Mike Nowlin
November 13, 2014
Newspaper, electronic devices and glasses

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) recently distributed a Wall Street Journal story that reports the number of entry-level jobs in public relations are expected to grow over the next decade.

This good news comes even as the Journal reports some companies, in the wake of the recession, have cut entry-level jobs that once provided young adults a foothold in the labor market.

PRSA, citing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, notes the demand for bottom-rung... Read more

Paul Tefft
November 06, 2014
Man holding stack of books

“If you ain’t lovin’ you ain’t livin’.” These words have been sung by many a country music star, nay, legend. From Faron Young to George Strait, Tommy Collins’ Nashville gem made for a rather insightful sing-along among the country music community.

I am indifferent to the message (though I do love the tune, particularly George Strait’s recording, which, incidentally, became his 15th hit single), but it’s a nice sentiment with a nice ring. Right? So here’s my version of “if you ain’t... Read more

Mike Turner
November 04, 2014

I still vividly remember walking one day (way too many years ago) into the office of Michigan State University’s esteemed Journalism School.

The staff secretary was conducting a survey: “Would you be interested in taking public relations classes if the College of Communications Arts and Sciences began offering them?”

As a young and idealistic journalism student who watched “All the President’s Men” perhaps one too many times, I practically automatically replied, “Absolutely... Read more

Natalie Kozma
October 30, 2014
Party Photos

Let me start with a disclaimer. If your sole objective for finding a job is simply to make large chunks of change, you can stop reading. But if you want to actually like (and hopefully love) where you work, then there is one question you must ask during the interview: 

“What is the culture of the company?” 

I know, I know – you were hoping I would reveal a top-secret strategy for nailing job interviews that leaves the recruiter in shock and awe. My apologies, you’ve... Read more

Joel Newport
October 14, 2014
Gud Marketing logo sculpture

Whenever a company goes through a rebranding effort, there are many strategic steps that help determine the direction that should be taken. Then again, sometimes there is just an artful expression of your brand – not rooted in a specific strategy, but created purely from inspiration. That was the origin of the Güd Marketing logo, designed and built by Dace Koenigsknecht, a Lansing-based artist whose work can be seen at Potter Park Zoo, Scrapfest, Old Town businesses and more. Dace was the... Read more

Bobby Jereb
October 07, 2014
8 Güd Questions

I am often asked for advice on ways to streamline production, and sometimes I offer solutions without being asked. Here are a few simple questions whose answers help to expedite the Güd Marketing creative and production process.

1. What is the intent for the final deliverable—will it be used on the Internet or on a printing press?

From time to time, everyone runs into issues during the prepress stage of a job, of which many could easily be avoided from the start.  When... Read more