Meredith Grimm
December 23, 2014
Gift basket

The holidays have always been important to Güd Marketing. From secret outings and delicious treats to creative cards and spreading holiday cheer, each activity gives an opportunity to build relationships and add to our office culture. Traditions have evolved over the years, but the “giving” theme remains – we hope to do some good for our colleagues, clients and communities this holiday season. Here’s the breakdown:

C is for Cookie…Om nom nom nom nom

Now in its fourth year running,... Read more

Carole Tuckey
December 18, 2014
Wooden print blocks that spell Gud

Printing is centuries old. The Chinese developed woodblock printing during the T’ang Dynasty in 200 C.E. The Chinese introduced movable type printing in 1040, the first printing press was developed by the Koreans in 1377 and the first major book published using movable type, the Gutenberg Bible, was printed in 1450. (There are still 48 known copies of the book today with various pages missing, and 21 that are complete). By 1500, printing presses operated throughout Western Europe and... Read more

Debbie Horak
December 16, 2014
Speech Bubbles

Güd Marketing is a consultative marketing services business. Yes, it’s true that we are staffed to provide comprehensive marketing services – 25 people focusing daily on research, strategy and planning, public relations, social media, creative services, digital services, media … the list is pretty long. But those are just things we do. They don’t capture the full bounty of what we provide our clients that provides the most value to their business: ideas. And if ideas are the yield, then... Read more

Natalie Kozma
December 12, 2014
Colosseum with Fireworks

Whether I’m attending a family gathering or a scholarship luncheon or simply meeting someone new, without fail I’m asked about my college experience.  And as much as anyone loves hearing “What’s your major?” for the thousandth time, what I really dread is the look of disappointment when I respond with “advertising.”

Don’t get me wrong; sometimes people are fascinated by my response (“Mad Men” fans especially). But I often find that without hearing my explanation for why I’m... Read more

Joel Newport
December 08, 2014
Man reaching for alligator's mouth

While participating in creative brainstorm sessions, we’ve all heard the phrase “There are no bad ideas,” and we all know that it’s completely false. Bad ideas come in all forms, but usually someone who doesn’t understand the goal or doesn’t have enough information offers them up.  Sometimes they are simply too far removed from or disinterested in the topic to put in the required effort to contribute in a positive way. However, when facilitating brainstorming sessions, it’s important to... Read more

Lisa Crumley
December 02, 2014
Dog sniffing

Miss Bea is an 8-year-old lemon beagle who lives to sniff. We happened upon canine nosework after she adopted me. She is my first dog and I wanted an activity that would help us learn about each other and teach me about living with a dog. We tried obedience and agility, but found we were both perfectly suited to nosework – we get to work alone; it’s a complex sport with many layers that make it easier or harder; and conditions are always changing, affecting both our methods for searching as... Read more

Paul Tefft
November 26, 2014
Black Friday Calendar

Black Friday. The quintessential day of commerce. The definition of hustle and bustle. When “every man for himself” becomes the battle cry of everyone lining up in parking lots with hopes and dreams of dragging out carts full of the latest gadgets, accessories and electronics at unbelievable prices – far below retail.

For some, the day after Thanksgiving (and in many cases, the night of) is pure excitement. For others, Black Friday is a bleak excuse to throw holiday spirit to the... Read more

Natalie Kozma
November 21, 2014
Graphic of man in suit pushing text that reads 'really'

Pop quiz! Can you spot the grammatical error in the blog post title? Pop Quiz #2! Can you name that movie reference?

I apologize if the title of this article discredits my ability to write well (not good), but with the recent news of a “Zoolander” sequel, I simply could not resist the chance to simultaneously revive some of my favorite quotes as I offer writing tips.

So why improve your writing skills?

Whether you love or despise it, writing is a skill that translates... Read more