Natalie Kozma
July 09, 2015
Natalie Kozma

This is not a standard blog with generic tips on how to thrive on social media (we can agree enough of those exist). This is a blog about why you should avoid it.

For my fellow marketing professionals, I understand if your skepticism just swelled. It’s safe to assume that your not-so “nine-to-five” job is engrossed with managing client social networks, and the naive notion of escaping it sounds like a rescue mission led by MacGruber.

But let me introduce you to a little... Read more

Joel Newport
July 02, 2015
Sliced fruits stacked

I’ve always believed that good creative helps tell the story of a brand but great creative inspires people to believe and participate in a brand’s story. To do this, a brand’s story must be carefully cared for and protected, so that the story told is one that is consistent and strong.

There is a current trend for organizations to take their brand and their stories, and piece them out as separate projects to be competed for by multiple creative agencies. The obvious reason for this... Read more

Terry Sieting
June 25, 2015
Attention Sign

I had been to the Dennos Museum Center in Traverse City only a handful of times in my life. The highlight reel would show middle school field trips to the never-aging Inuit exhibit and sketching the inside of the building during what seemed like a never-ending summer art class. These events were what pushed me there before. But this time I entered with excitement and an open mind. The reason: Aaron James Draplin.

Through our commonalities, you could see why Draplin would be a person... Read more

Lisa Crumley
June 19, 2015
Magnifying glass

One of the things I am most proud to highlight when talking about Güd Marketing is not just our deep belief in market research, but in the capability we have built throughout the entire agency. Everyone here believes in the power of research.

We have been fortunate to have in-house market research expertise for decades – long enough for research to become fully enculturated into our approach to everything we do. And something I feel a strong sense of attachment to since my early... Read more

Christina Campbell
June 12, 2015
Group of people sitting at tables

Earlier this month, we were fortunate to attend the 2015 Transit Initiatives and Communities Conference in Grand Rapids, Mich. The choice of that location by the Center for Transportation Excellence was inspired.

Over the past decade, more transit ballot measures have been won in Michigan than any other state. Michigan also features the largest number of regular ballot renewal campaigns, and we’re proud at Güd Marketing to have developed award-winning campaigns on behalf of the... Read more

Emmie Musser
June 04, 2015
Stylized face

Impressions are an important unit of measurement in advertising. For most marketing campaigns, media takes the lion’s share of the investment, and the ability to quantify this significant spend in some way is essential for accountability on many levels.

One impression = one ad shown one time. Shown, not necessarily seen or heard. It’s similar to the thought introduced to us by Simon and Garfunkel in 1964: “People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening...” The... Read more

Andrea Ness
May 29, 2015
Bee image on a smartphone

Earlier this month, Facebook launched a new pilot program, Instant Articles, as a way for publishers to create fast and interactive articles on Facebook.

Facebook’s current system links directly to publishing sites and takes an average of eight seconds to load, making articles the slowest type of content on Facebook. This is about two seconds away from average readers on mobile devices hitting their back button and saying “forget it.”

Nine launch partners have signed an... Read more

Roni Rucker Waters
May 21, 2015
Stylized Facebook like graphic

If you have a private Twitter account and your first reaction to a follow request is, “Why?! I’m not going anywhere,” you probably are an introvert.

You may “like” posts on Facebook, but you rarely post a comment. You may text your Facebook friends about something they posted, but you usually pass on weighing in publicly with an opinion.

And you opened an Instagram account only to keep up with your kids or co-workers, and you didn’t post your first photo until you noticed... Read more