Jacob Pierzchala
November 19, 2015
Electronic Devices Lineart

This past Thursday, MSU hosted Michigan’s 13th Annual World Usability Day, a conference focused on user-centered design and interaction. To those outside the user experience world, the topic may seem a bit off-putting, but the core concept is increasingly important and really quite simple: Make stuff that isn’t hard to use!

Though achieving this might be less straightforward, well-designed user experiences are worth the effort. They can increase sales, user base and engagement, while... Read more

Roni Rucker Waters
November 11, 2015
Strength Matters Line Art

We had the opportunity this year to partner with Strength Matters® on a learning project to develop messaging to interest impact investors in affordable housing projects.

Strength Matters is a collaboration among NeighborWorks America, Housing Partnership Network and Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future. Its mission is to be a unique resource for nonprofit housing enterprises to improve their financial strength and have greater access to capital.

We worked with three... Read more

Jacob Pierzchala
September 24, 2015
Auralwood ArtPrize Piece

As the seventh year of ArtPrize kicks off, it’s hard for me to contain my excitement. Since the event’s inception, I have participated as both artist and viewer, and I’m always eager to see the streets and businesses of Grand Rapids alive with energy. What started out as a creative, social and financial experiment in 2009 has undoubtedly proved its worth to locals and visitors alike.

Though the event is not without its critics, what I find valuable is the hybrid nature of ArtPrize,... Read more

Lauren Cutler
September 16, 2015
To-do list illustration

Many students search for internships in desperation. And it’s true, gaining an internship is extremely important for future success. But, while it seems like a battle for the internship to choose you, it is important that you choose the internship also. And that means giving yourself plenty of options, and that means absolutely working your tail off networking, applying and grabbing coffee with scary professionals. Yes, while you’re taking classes and managing work and a social life. Don’t... Read more

Debbie Horak
August 28, 2015

I’m usually the first person you’ll meet at Güd Marketing in my role of growing our business. But I seek to grow not only our firm. I strive to see Lansing grow, too.

As the state capital, the Lansing area is a hub of activity for lawmakers, policy advisers, government staffers and other professionals who each play an important role in making the area thrive. That often includes travel out of the area, which brings me to my point.

You’ve probably seen or heard of the “Fly... Read more

Chelsea Maupin
August 05, 2015
Google parody image that says "Gudgle"

Secondary research - a review of existing information and research - is often overlooked or hastily done. But it shouldn’t be! It can be incredibly helpful in starting a new project or new research endeavor. It grounds the project in fact and can help you avoid reinventing the wheel when it comes to research.   

In the Internet age, secondary research typically goes one of two ways: “THERE IS TOO MUCH INFORMATION. WHERE DO I START? HELP!” or “HOW IS THERE NO INFORMATION... Read more

Jacob Pierzchala
July 23, 2015
Smartphone with push notification

Last year at Güd Marketing, we set out to create a mobile app that reflected who we are and what we believe in, something that could engage our clients in both a fun and meaningful way. We arrived at “Güd One” – a calendar app of unofficial holidays to celebrate throughout the year, including “National Trails Day,” “American Business Women’s Day,” “National Love Your Pet Day” and, my personal favorite, “National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day.”

Since joining the project this year, I’... Read more

Natalie Kozma
July 16, 2015
SpokesPeople Logo

On my first day at Güd Marketing, I walked into the office I formerly knew as Pace & Partners to find the company had changed its name. Feeling dazed, I referenced the freshly painted mission statement on the red wall for answers.

“We are stewards of the greater good; promoting positive change by strengthening, shaping and sharing stories that inspire action and engagement.”

It didn’t take long for me to understand that those values aren’t just reflected on... Read more