Roni Rucker Waters
March 05, 2015
Boy reading with Build Up character

My love of the written word developed early. I was so smitten that I set up a small classroom and library in our home when I was 9 and taught my youngest brother to read before he entered kindergarten.

Reading exposes children and adults alike to more information, possibilities and adventure than any ordinary day could offer. If youngsters master reading by the time they finish third grade – typically at 8 or 9 years old – they can spend the rest of their school years reading to... Read more

Joel Newport
February 26, 2015
Illustrated Joel Newport with William Shakespear

There are thousands of blog posts listing all the things you should be doing to craft your marketing strategy for the year. Many are tactical, some are truly strategic and still others are more like mysterious sage advice from people who are convinced they have a crystal ball that can predict trends. But I keep coming back to a phrase that all parents have said to their children at least once in their lives: Honesty is the best policy. As customers increase their expectations, they tend to... Read more

Keara Hanlon
February 20, 2015
2 Cats

It wasn’t a typical Monday for me at Güd Marketing. Instead of gripping my much-needed cup of coffee during the 8:30 a.m. weekly traffic meeting and working through the hustle and bustle of the start of the week, I reached for a different assortment of tools. A bag of dog treats, a feather wand, a dog bed and collar tags were the aids for conquering my day. Today was my first video shoot.

Dressed respectably in my Güd Marketing shirt, I traveled to the Capital Area Humane Society... Read more

Christina Campbell
February 12, 2015
Open book with heart graphic inside

Valentine’s Day. A day to display selfless acts of love, for those you love. A holiday that brands across all industries use to entice their customers.

Every year, I marvel at the array of creative and social efforts coupled with this couples’ holiday. And, given it is nearly upon us, I have compiled a list of my favorite Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns. Campaigns that are as engaging as they are fun.

1. Dove Chocolate

It wouldn’t be a proper Valentine’s Day without... Read more

Jill Holden
February 05, 2015
Woman with workflow written on whiteboard

I love the day after the Super Bowl. I love reading about the top ads – the hits and the misses. I love the critics and the champions – those who point to the massive fails and who highlight the reasons that “fill in the blank” was the best ad this time around.

What was the best ad? Chevy, Snickers, LikeAGirl, McDonald’s? Or the popular Budweiser’s Lost Dog? I bet if I asked 10 people their top five best ads, I wouldn’t get two alike.

My thoughts? I can’t even choose a top 10... Read more

Emmie Musser
January 29, 2015
Illustration of TV with car and football

Super Bowl Sunday is days away, and for this advertising junky, the anticipation is second to none. But it’s not just the horses, talking babies and celebrity spokespeople who have me counting down the hours. It’s the regional advertisers that will keep me glued to the TV, Twitter and Facebook.


I love a local celebrity. Having an ad in the Super Bowl instantly gives a business credibility, and after all, isn’t that what advertising is all about? Create awareness > inspire... Read more

Joel Newport
January 15, 2015
Gud One app on smartphone

We hear a lot about organizational culture. Companies work hard to develop value systems and practices that not only reflect who they are but hopefully inspire their employees to adopt actions and behaviors that will support who they want to be. In a nutshell, culture is made up of two components: the story of who we are and the story of who we want to be.

A story well told is worth listening to.

In order to communicate your company’s culture and value system, you have to have a... Read more

Joel Newport
January 08, 2015
New year party hat and lightbulb inside wine glass

While the holiday season can be a very busy time, for many of us it’s also a time where we slow down at work. We take time off and recharge the creative batteries, ready to come back in the New Year and hit the ground running. But how do you keep your creative edge throughout the year? Here are six steps you can employ anytime to avoid falling into a rut.

Look at other work outside your focus:

It’s no secret creatives look at other creative work to find inspiration, but an early... Read more