Jacob Pierzchala
November 19, 2015
Electronic Devices Lineart

This past Thursday, MSU hosted Michigan’s 13th Annual World Usability Day, a conference focused on user-centered design and interaction. To those outside the user experience world, the topic may seem a bit off-putting, but the core concept is increasingly important and really quite simple: Make stuff that isn’t hard to use!

Though achieving this might be less straightforward, well-designed user experiences are worth the effort. They can increase sales, user base and engagement, while... Read more

Chelsea Maupin
August 05, 2015
Google parody image that says "Gudgle"

Secondary research - a review of existing information and research - is often overlooked or hastily done. But it shouldn’t be! It can be incredibly helpful in starting a new project or new research endeavor. It grounds the project in fact and can help you avoid reinventing the wheel when it comes to research.   

In the Internet age, secondary research typically goes one of two ways: “THERE IS TOO MUCH INFORMATION. WHERE DO I START? HELP!” or “HOW IS THERE NO INFORMATION... Read more

Jacob Pierzchala
July 23, 2015
Smartphone with push notification

Last year at Güd Marketing, we set out to create a mobile app that reflected who we are and what we believe in, something that could engage our clients in both a fun and meaningful way. We arrived at “Güd One” – a calendar app of unofficial holidays to celebrate throughout the year, including “National Trails Day,” “American Business Women’s Day,” “National Love Your Pet Day” and, my personal favorite, “National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day.”

Since joining the project this year, I’... Read more

Joel Newport
January 15, 2015
Gud One app on smartphone

We hear a lot about organizational culture. Companies work hard to develop value systems and practices that not only reflect who they are but hopefully inspire their employees to adopt actions and behaviors that will support who they want to be. In a nutshell, culture is made up of two components: the story of who we are and the story of who we want to be.

A story well told is worth listening to.

In order to communicate your company’s culture and value system, you have to have a... Read more

Laura Flugga
November 17, 2014
Earth graphic

On November 13, 2014, a few members of the Güd team, myself included, went to World Usability Day at MSU. On this day every year, usability is celebrated through more than one hundred events in 39 countries. If you're not in the technology industry you might be asking yourself, “What is usability?” It is a lot of things.

The single most important differentiator of digital products/apps.
  A path to innovation (case in point: iPhone was created to solve usability issues... Read more
Paul Tefft
November 06, 2014
Man holding stack of books

“If you ain’t lovin’ you ain’t livin’.” These words have been sung by many a country music star, nay, legend. From Faron Young to George Strait, Tommy Collins’ Nashville gem made for a rather insightful sing-along among the country music community.

I am indifferent to the message (though I do love the tune, particularly George Strait’s recording, which, incidentally, became his 15th hit single), but it’s a nice sentiment with a nice ring. Right? So here’s my version of “if you ain’t... Read more

Laura Flugga
September 18, 2014
Older man using computer

Imagery plays a vital role in our lives, including on the Web. We are naturally drawn to visual content and can understand a concept faster through images than we can through words. It’s become a cliché, but a picture is worth a thousand words (or more accurately 84.1 words). Because of this many designers use generic stock imagery on websites to make it more visual and compelling. While this is a great goal, the method so often used is flawed. 

Studies show...

Eye tracking... Read more

Andrea Ness
September 04, 2014
Facebook-Google hybrid

Mark Zuckerberg wants it to. During a recent earnings call, he stated that the social networking service is working hard on its search algorithm to allow users to look up much more content on Facebook in the next six months.

It’s a great idea. Here is what I’d like to see, so that individuals and businesses can get more from Facebook through smarter search:

Allow all public posts to be indexed and searchable by keyword.
With more than a trillion posts on the site,... Read more
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