Jill Holden
February 05, 2015
Woman with workflow written on whiteboard

I love the day after the Super Bowl. I love reading about the top ads – the hits and the misses. I love the critics and the champions – those who point to the massive fails and who highlight the reasons that “fill in the blank” was the best ad this time around.

What was the best ad? Chevy, Snickers, LikeAGirl, McDonald’s? Or the popular Budweiser’s Lost Dog? I bet if I asked 10 people their top five best ads, I wouldn’t get two alike.

My thoughts? I can’t even choose a top 10... Read more

Debbie Horak
December 16, 2014
Speech Bubbles

Güd Marketing is a consultative marketing services business. Yes, it’s true that we are staffed to provide comprehensive marketing services – 25 people focusing daily on research, strategy and planning, public relations, social media, creative services, digital services, media … the list is pretty long. But those are just things we do. They don’t capture the full bounty of what we provide our clients that provides the most value to their business: ideas. And if ideas are the yield, then... Read more

Lisa Crumley
December 02, 2014
Dog sniffing

Miss Bea is an 8-year-old lemon beagle who lives to sniff. We happened upon canine nosework after she adopted me. She is my first dog and I wanted an activity that would help us learn about each other and teach me about living with a dog. We tried obedience and agility, but found we were both perfectly suited to nosework – we get to work alone; it’s a complex sport with many layers that make it easier or harder; and conditions are always changing, affecting both our methods for searching as... Read more


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