Debbie Horak
October 05, 2016
Front of a Rapid bus

Having recently been honored with a national award recognizing our campaign for The Rapid as an “exceptional campaign to advance the public transportation industry,” we stopped to reflect on what went so right in this campaign.

Everyone was focused on one goal, from the very beginning.
This recognition of The Rapid’s campaign from the American Public Transit Association was especially gratifying because even though our agency has a long history of working... Read more
Roni Rucker Waters
November 11, 2015
Strength Matters Line Art

We had the opportunity this year to partner with Strength Matters® on a learning project to develop messaging to interest impact investors in affordable housing projects.

Strength Matters is a collaboration among NeighborWorks America, Housing Partnership Network and Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future. Its mission is to be a unique resource for nonprofit housing enterprises to improve their financial strength and have greater access to capital.

We worked with three... Read more

Chelsea Maupin
August 05, 2015
Google parody image that says "Gudgle"

Secondary research - a review of existing information and research - is often overlooked or hastily done. But it shouldn’t be! It can be incredibly helpful in starting a new project or new research endeavor. It grounds the project in fact and can help you avoid reinventing the wheel when it comes to research.   

In the Internet age, secondary research typically goes one of two ways: “THERE IS TOO MUCH INFORMATION. WHERE DO I START? HELP!” or “HOW IS THERE NO INFORMATION... Read more

Lisa Crumley
June 19, 2015
Magnifying glass

One of the things I am most proud to highlight when talking about Güd Marketing is not just our deep belief in market research, but in the capability we have built throughout the entire agency. Everyone here believes in the power of research.

We have been fortunate to have in-house market research expertise for decades – long enough for research to become fully enculturated into our approach to everything we do. And something I feel a strong sense of attachment to since my early... Read more

Emmie Musser
April 23, 2015
Silo graphic

Silo: Greek for “pit holding grain.” Also, a common term heard around the office place to describe communication and integration struggles between departments. Over the past decade of working in the marketing world, both on the client and agency side, I’ve encountered three common silos that offer marketing teams the best opportunity for advancement if eliminated and made to join forces.

1. Internal Communications Employees are arguably your company’s most valuable marketing assets. It... Read more
Debbie Horak
April 16, 2015
ipad with wordcloud on the screen

Some people call me a natural-born salesperson. And it’s true – I love sales. I think I was especially drawn to it during my tenure here at Güd Marketing because what I have to sell is so, well, good. But even a natural has to learn how to sell, and as I studied the art of selling early in my career, I found that there was, and still is, some conventional thinking about how a potential prospect experiences a sales interaction based on some basic principles of adult learning.

First,... Read more

Roni Rucker Waters
March 05, 2015
Boy reading with Build Up character

My love of the written word developed early. I was so smitten that I set up a small classroom and library in our home when I was 9 and taught my youngest brother to read before he entered kindergarten.

Reading exposes children and adults alike to more information, possibilities and adventure than any ordinary day could offer. If youngsters master reading by the time they finish third grade – typically at 8 or 9 years old – they can spend the rest of their school years reading to... Read more

Joel Newport
February 26, 2015
Illustrated Joel Newport with William Shakespear

There are thousands of blog posts listing all the things you should be doing to craft your marketing strategy for the year. Many are tactical, some are truly strategic and still others are more like mysterious sage advice from people who are convinced they have a crystal ball that can predict trends. But I keep coming back to a phrase that all parents have said to their children at least once in their lives: Honesty is the best policy. As customers increase their expectations, they tend to... Read more


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