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Debbie Horak
August 28, 2015

I’m usually the first person you’ll meet at Güd Marketing in my role of growing our business. But I seek to grow not only our firm. I strive to see Lansing grow, too.

As the state capital, the Lansing area is a hub of activity for lawmakers, policy advisers, government staffers and other professionals who each play an important role in making the area thrive. That often includes travel out of the area, which brings me to my point.

You’ve probably seen or heard of the “Fly... Read more

Christina Campbell
June 12, 2015
Group of people sitting at tables

Earlier this month, we were fortunate to attend the 2015 Transit Initiatives and Communities Conference in Grand Rapids, Mich. The choice of that location by the Center for Transportation Excellence was inspired.

Over the past decade, more transit ballot measures have been won in Michigan than any other state. Michigan also features the largest number of regular ballot renewal campaigns, and we’re proud at Güd Marketing to have developed award-winning campaigns on behalf of the... Read more

Ally Caldwell
April 02, 2015
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 As a college student, I have learned to take advantage of every networking opportunity that arises. Networking can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

Firm tours provide for great opportunities to learn more about the current landscape of an industry and the variety of potential career paths one can take. They can also give you the chance to meet a multitude of fascinating professionals. But as a young adult without much experience in the real world, it can... Read more

Mike Nowlin
November 13, 2014
Newspaper, electronic devices and glasses

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) recently distributed a Wall Street Journal story that reports the number of entry-level jobs in public relations are expected to grow over the next decade.

This good news comes even as the Journal reports some companies, in the wake of the recession, have cut entry-level jobs that once provided young adults a foothold in the labor market.

PRSA, citing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, notes the demand for bottom-rung... Read more

Mike Turner
November 04, 2014

I still vividly remember walking one day (way too many years ago) into the office of Michigan State University’s esteemed Journalism School.

The staff secretary was conducting a survey: “Would you be interested in taking public relations classes if the College of Communications Arts and Sciences began offering them?”

As a young and idealistic journalism student who watched “All the President’s Men” perhaps one too many times, I practically automatically replied, “Absolutely... Read more

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