Carole Tuckey
August 29, 2016
Traditional Printing Equipment

Welcome to the final installment of my "30 things in 30 years" blog. It was difficult to actually narrow down the list to 30 items, but I hope the things I’ve learned in my career can help others with theirs.

Mock-ups save costly mistakes.

You know the saying "Build it and it will save you money." OK, that might not actually be the quote, but it’s the truth. Mock-ups can shine a light on a number of issues you just can’t see in layout. For... Read more

Carole Tuckey
April 05, 2016
Typesetting Machine

So I’ve finally found the time to assemble part two of my blog. It took me eight weeks to publish this second installment, not the two that I had hoped. So item 31 on my list will be “things always take longer than you think!”

I love paper.
All paper; coated, uncoated, color, texture, finish, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is how paper makes you feel. In this digital, multimedia world, the tactile-ness of paper still impresses people, and now a well-done print... Read more
Carole Tuckey
January 26, 2016
Typesetting Tools

It’s true. I’ve been around a long time. Long enough to learn a thing or two about this crazy business of marketing and advertising. And whether my insights are philosophical, anecdotal or cold, hard facts, there may be some wisdom that I can pass along to those who are just starting, and some good reminders to those who have been around a while and might be stuck in their ways. So stay tuned over the next few weeks as I talk about the 30 things I’ve learned in 30 years.

... Read more
Carole Tuckey
December 18, 2014
Wooden print blocks that spell Gud

Printing is centuries old. The Chinese developed woodblock printing during the T’ang Dynasty in 200 C.E. The Chinese introduced movable type printing in 1040, the first printing press was developed by the Koreans in 1377 and the first major book published using movable type, the Gutenberg Bible, was printed in 1450. (There are still 48 known copies of the book today with various pages missing, and 21 that are complete). By 1500, printing presses operated throughout Western Europe and... Read more

Bobby Jereb
October 07, 2014
8 Güd Questions

I am often asked for advice on ways to streamline production, and sometimes I offer solutions without being asked. Here are a few simple questions whose answers help to expedite the Güd Marketing creative and production process.

1. What is the intent for the final deliverable—will it be used on the Internet or on a printing press?

From time to time, everyone runs into issues during the prepress stage of a job, of which many could easily be avoided from the start.  When... Read more

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