Lauren Cutler
September 16, 2015
To-do list illustration

Many students search for internships in desperation. And it’s true, gaining an internship is extremely important for future success. But, while it seems like a battle for the internship to choose you, it is important that you choose the internship also. And that means giving yourself plenty of options, and that means absolutely working your tail off networking, applying and grabbing coffee with scary professionals. Yes, while you’re taking classes and managing work and a social life. Don’t... Read more

Natalie Kozma
July 09, 2015
Natalie Kozma

This is not a standard blog with generic tips on how to thrive on social media (we can agree enough of those exist). This is a blog about why you should avoid it.

For my fellow marketing professionals, I understand if your skepticism just swelled. It’s safe to assume that your not-so “nine-to-five” job is engrossed with managing client social networks, and the naive notion of escaping it sounds like a rescue mission led by MacGruber.

But let me introduce you to a little... Read more

Natalie Kozma
December 12, 2014
Colosseum with Fireworks

Whether I’m attending a family gathering or a scholarship luncheon or simply meeting someone new, without fail I’m asked about my college experience.  And as much as anyone loves hearing “What’s your major?” for the thousandth time, what I really dread is the look of disappointment when I respond with “advertising.”

Don’t get me wrong; sometimes people are fascinated by my response (“Mad Men” fans especially). But I often find that without hearing my explanation for why I’m... Read more

Natalie Kozma
November 21, 2014
Graphic of man in suit pushing text that reads 'really'

Pop quiz! Can you spot the grammatical error in the blog post title? Pop Quiz #2! Can you name that movie reference?

I apologize if the title of this article discredits my ability to write well (not good), but with the recent news of a “Zoolander” sequel, I simply could not resist the chance to simultaneously revive some of my favorite quotes as I offer writing tips.

So why improve your writing skills?

Whether you love or despise it, writing is a skill that translates... Read more

John Vogl
September 30, 2014

A wise man once told me that trust, accompanied by loyalty and consistency, is the key to all good relationships, be it business or pleasure.  Throughout my life and, more important, my internship here at Güd Marketing, the importance of that saying has become more apparent than I had ever truly realized. Entering my experience as a production intern here at Güd Marketing last November, I admit I knew little to nothing about the complex, constantly evolving production side of the... Read more

Natalie Kozma
September 15, 2014
Cell phone with tweet speech bubble

When I first began my unpaid social media internship at the MSU Museum, my cash-strapped friends were not impressed. “So all you have to do is tweet and stuff? That is so easy,” they poked.  

Don’t worry. I set them straight. 

Like most college students, my friends are pretty savvy when it comes to social media because they grew up with these developing technologies. But what they failed to understand was the difference between using social media for fun, and using... Read more

Roni Rucker Waters
August 27, 2014
Trimming print materials

I have had the privilege of working with some impressive interns during my career, so I appreciate how mutually beneficial the position can be. Here is some of what I have learned along the way:  

Search broadly. Stay in recruiting mode even when you don’t have an opening. Look beyond the unsolicited resumes that come in and job fairs. Pay attention to the career aspirations of the young adult children of friends and colleagues. Ask about the siblings, friends and roommates of... Read more
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