Carole Tuckey
April 05, 2016
Typesetting Machine

So I’ve finally found the time to assemble part two of my blog. It took me eight weeks to publish this second installment, not the two that I had hoped. So item 31 on my list will be “things always take longer than you think!”

I love paper.
All paper; coated, uncoated, color, texture, finish, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is how paper makes you feel. In this digital, multimedia world, the tactile-ness of paper still impresses people, and now a well-done print... Read more
Carole Tuckey
January 26, 2016
Typesetting Tools

It’s true. I’ve been around a long time. Long enough to learn a thing or two about this crazy business of marketing and advertising. And whether my insights are philosophical, anecdotal or cold, hard facts, there may be some wisdom that I can pass along to those who are just starting, and some good reminders to those who have been around a while and might be stuck in their ways. So stay tuned over the next few weeks as I talk about the 30 things I’ve learned in 30 years.

... Read more
Jacob Pierzchala
November 19, 2015
Electronic Devices Lineart

This past Thursday, MSU hosted Michigan’s 13th Annual World Usability Day, a conference focused on user-centered design and interaction. To those outside the user experience world, the topic may seem a bit off-putting, but the core concept is increasingly important and really quite simple: Make stuff that isn’t hard to use!

Though achieving this might be less straightforward, well-designed user experiences are worth the effort. They can increase sales, user base and engagement, while... Read more

Terry Sieting
June 25, 2015
Attention Sign

I had been to the Dennos Museum Center in Traverse City only a handful of times in my life. The highlight reel would show middle school field trips to the never-aging Inuit exhibit and sketching the inside of the building during what seemed like a never-ending summer art class. These events were what pushed me there before. But this time I entered with excitement and an open mind. The reason: Aaron James Draplin.

Through our commonalities, you could see why Draplin would be a person... Read more

Joel Newport
January 08, 2015
New year party hat and lightbulb inside wine glass

While the holiday season can be a very busy time, for many of us it’s also a time where we slow down at work. We take time off and recharge the creative batteries, ready to come back in the New Year and hit the ground running. But how do you keep your creative edge throughout the year? Here are six steps you can employ anytime to avoid falling into a rut.

Look at other work outside your focus:

It’s no secret creatives look at other creative work to find inspiration, but an early... Read more

Joel Newport
December 08, 2014
Man reaching for alligator's mouth

While participating in creative brainstorm sessions, we’ve all heard the phrase “There are no bad ideas,” and we all know that it’s completely false. Bad ideas come in all forms, but usually someone who doesn’t understand the goal or doesn’t have enough information offers them up.  Sometimes they are simply too far removed from or disinterested in the topic to put in the required effort to contribute in a positive way. However, when facilitating brainstorming sessions, it’s important to... Read more

Laura Flugga
November 17, 2014
Earth graphic

On November 13, 2014, a few members of the Güd team, myself included, went to World Usability Day at MSU. On this day every year, usability is celebrated through more than one hundred events in 39 countries. If you're not in the technology industry you might be asking yourself, “What is usability?” It is a lot of things.

The single most important differentiator of digital products/apps.
  A path to innovation (case in point: iPhone was created to solve usability issues... Read more
Paul Tefft
November 06, 2014
Man holding stack of books

“If you ain’t lovin’ you ain’t livin’.” These words have been sung by many a country music star, nay, legend. From Faron Young to George Strait, Tommy Collins’ Nashville gem made for a rather insightful sing-along among the country music community.

I am indifferent to the message (though I do love the tune, particularly George Strait’s recording, which, incidentally, became his 15th hit single), but it’s a nice sentiment with a nice ring. Right? So here’s my version of “if you ain’t... Read more


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