Natalie Kozma
October 30, 2014
Party Photos

Let me start with a disclaimer. If your sole objective for finding a job is simply to make large chunks of change, you can stop reading. But if you want to actually like (and hopefully love) where you work, then there is one question you must ask during the interview: 

“What is the culture of the company?” 

I know, I know – you were hoping I would reveal a top-secret strategy for nailing job interviews that leaves the recruiter in shock and awe. My apologies, you’ve... Read more

Jill Holden
September 10, 2014
Colorful socks

Marketing agencies, by nature, have various disciplines under the big marketing umbrella. Each department has a specific expertise – research, planning, creative, media planning, account services, production. Each individual has unique strengths. But we all have one goal – to create ideas that deliver results for our clients. And that, above all, takes creativity. 

As an account manager in Chicago, I used to claim “I am NOT creative.” I felt my strengths were in client and... Read more

Lisa Crumley
August 25, 2014
Debbie and Lisa standing in front of Gud Marketing Logo

Since the soft launch of Güd Marketing at our annual Cinco de Mayo party, the response has been wildly enthusiastic. This has been one of the most exciting periods of our 36-year history. It was about one full year in the making, and during that incubation period we had the opportunity to crystallize our vision for the future of the business. 

How did it all start?

We both joined what was then Pace Creative in the mid- 1990s, Deb right out of college and Lisa transitioning from... Read more


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