Ally Caldwell
April 02, 2015
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 As a college student, I have learned to take advantage of every networking opportunity that arises. Networking can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

Firm tours provide for great opportunities to learn more about the current landscape of an industry and the variety of potential career paths one can take. They can also give you the chance to meet a multitude of fascinating professionals. But as a young adult without much experience in the real world, it can... Read more

Julie Krueger
March 19, 2015
2 children swimming

The idiom "sink or swim" is often used in business in reference to whether one can succeed at a job, a task or among peers. But the same can be said for the business itself — and marketing might just be the key to staying afloat.

There are actually a number of similarities between learning to swim and marketing your business. As an agency, we’ve learned this through our work with Goldfish Swim School. As an avid Goldfish customer, I’m reminded of these shared traits during every... Read more

Joel Newport
February 26, 2015
Illustrated Joel Newport with William Shakespear

There are thousands of blog posts listing all the things you should be doing to craft your marketing strategy for the year. Many are tactical, some are truly strategic and still others are more like mysterious sage advice from people who are convinced they have a crystal ball that can predict trends. But I keep coming back to a phrase that all parents have said to their children at least once in their lives: Honesty is the best policy. As customers increase their expectations, they tend to... Read more

Keara Hanlon
February 20, 2015
2 Cats

It wasn’t a typical Monday for me at Güd Marketing. Instead of gripping my much-needed cup of coffee during the 8:30 a.m. weekly traffic meeting and working through the hustle and bustle of the start of the week, I reached for a different assortment of tools. A bag of dog treats, a feather wand, a dog bed and collar tags were the aids for conquering my day. Today was my first video shoot.

Dressed respectably in my Güd Marketing shirt, I traveled to the Capital Area Humane Society... Read more

Joel Newport
January 15, 2015
Gud One app on smartphone

We hear a lot about organizational culture. Companies work hard to develop value systems and practices that not only reflect who they are but hopefully inspire their employees to adopt actions and behaviors that will support who they want to be. In a nutshell, culture is made up of two components: the story of who we are and the story of who we want to be.

A story well told is worth listening to.

In order to communicate your company’s culture and value system, you have to have a... Read more

Meredith Grimm
December 23, 2014
Gift basket

The holidays have always been important to Güd Marketing. From secret outings and delicious treats to creative cards and spreading holiday cheer, each activity gives an opportunity to build relationships and add to our office culture. Traditions have evolved over the years, but the “giving” theme remains – we hope to do some good for our colleagues, clients and communities this holiday season. Here’s the breakdown:

C is for Cookie…Om nom nom nom nom

Now in its fourth year running,... Read more

Joel Newport
December 08, 2014
Man reaching for alligator's mouth

While participating in creative brainstorm sessions, we’ve all heard the phrase “There are no bad ideas,” and we all know that it’s completely false. Bad ideas come in all forms, but usually someone who doesn’t understand the goal or doesn’t have enough information offers them up.  Sometimes they are simply too far removed from or disinterested in the topic to put in the required effort to contribute in a positive way. However, when facilitating brainstorming sessions, it’s important to... Read more

Paul Tefft
November 26, 2014
Black Friday Calendar

Black Friday. The quintessential day of commerce. The definition of hustle and bustle. When “every man for himself” becomes the battle cry of everyone lining up in parking lots with hopes and dreams of dragging out carts full of the latest gadgets, accessories and electronics at unbelievable prices – far below retail.

For some, the day after Thanksgiving (and in many cases, the night of) is pure excitement. For others, Black Friday is a bleak excuse to throw holiday spirit to the... Read more


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