Julia Knuckman
March 24, 2017
Kids Playing with Toy Cars

How one industry shares its greatest hits and biggest misses to move public transportation forward.

Earlier this month, a few hundred of the nation’s public transportation marketers came together at the American Public Transportation Association’s 2017 Marketing & Communications Workshop in Tampa, Florida. I was thrilled to attend this conference with our partners from The Rapid.

As a first-year attendee, it was clear to see that a close-knit community exists between... Read more

Debbie Horak
October 05, 2016
Front of a Rapid bus

Having recently been honored with a national award recognizing our campaign for The Rapid as an “exceptional campaign to advance the public transportation industry,” we stopped to reflect on what went so right in this campaign.

Everyone was focused on one goal, from the very beginning.
This recognition of The Rapid’s campaign from the American Public Transit Association was especially gratifying because even though our agency has a long history of working... Read more
Joel Newport
February 08, 2016
"Marketing" text stretched

This time of year we are inundated with advertising for exercise equipment, weight loss programs and diets. For most, it’s a hamster wheel of trial and error combined with loss of interest and lack of motivation. So how do you treat the health and well-being of your organization’s marketing efforts? Here are five things to consider when making your marketing “resolutions” for the new year.

Beware of fad diets.
Fad diets can work, for a while, but they are not sustainable. And... Read more
Jacob Pierzchala
September 24, 2015
Auralwood ArtPrize Piece

As the seventh year of ArtPrize kicks off, it’s hard for me to contain my excitement. Since the event’s inception, I have participated as both artist and viewer, and I’m always eager to see the streets and businesses of Grand Rapids alive with energy. What started out as a creative, social and financial experiment in 2009 has undoubtedly proved its worth to locals and visitors alike.

Though the event is not without its critics, what I find valuable is the hybrid nature of ArtPrize,... Read more

Natalie Kozma
July 16, 2015
SpokesPeople Logo

On my first day at Güd Marketing, I walked into the office I formerly knew as Pace & Partners to find the company had changed its name. Feeling dazed, I referenced the freshly painted mission statement on the red wall for answers.

“We are stewards of the greater good; promoting positive change by strengthening, shaping and sharing stories that inspire action and engagement.”

It didn’t take long for me to understand that those values aren’t just reflected on... Read more

Joel Newport
July 02, 2015
Sliced fruits stacked

I’ve always believed that good creative helps tell the story of a brand but great creative inspires people to believe and participate in a brand’s story. To do this, a brand’s story must be carefully cared for and protected, so that the story told is one that is consistent and strong.

There is a current trend for organizations to take their brand and their stories, and piece them out as separate projects to be competed for by multiple creative agencies. The obvious reason for this... Read more

Debbie Horak
May 01, 2015
Pace awards close up

We’ve all heard the phrase “the cobbler’s children have no shoes” or perhaps “the blacksmith’s home has only wooden spoons.” These age-old proverbs highlight a real issue that continues to exist today, that many people who practice a specific trade are too busy doing for others to use their skills to benefit themselves. Well, the same holds true for many of us in the marketing and PR arenas. We are often so focused on promoting our clients and their causes that we don’t take the same care to... Read more

Julie Krueger
April 09, 2015

When people step into the marketing industry, they are expected to think out of the box and develop the most creative marketing strategies to best serve their clients. What they may not anticipate is that this can include thinking outside of the cliché mantras we were once taught in our lives. These mantras may be seen as myths in the workplace, or they can be dispelled just by looking at opportunities hidden within them.

Myth #1: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should... Read more


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